Bloodseeker makes his way back into the meta

Bloodseeker is one of our favorite heroes and we’ve been using him to boost mmr for quite some time now. He’s the 6th most played hero in the current patch and at a 52.88% win rate, which lands him 22nd overall and the highest among the 12th most played heroes.

He’s been known to be played in the jungle but we prefer playing him in the lane where we can leverage that strength to overpower a lane opponent. So why didn’t we see him in the main event last year? Honestly, that still makes us wonder. We’re just glad that we’ve seen him used across a breadth of games during the TI7 qualifiers.

Before TI7, he was almost never picked or banned, but during the SEA qualifiers, he was banned 15 times and picked 13 times. It’s the bans that legitimizes him as meta pick.

It only takes a single dominating performance by a popular player to cause spikes in a hero’s pick rate. The current trends show that there’s bound to be a dominant Bloodseeker performance at the main event. He’s already one of the most popular heroes in the game, but there’s always room to grow.

We’re hoping to see more Bloodseeker action in the upcoming Dota 2 main event.