Dota 2 just nerfed my favorite hero

With all the ongoing changes in the game, heroes either get buffed or nerfed. Some heroes get a direct nerf while some receive indirect nerfs which affects laning and team fights. Let’s talk about direct nerfs in this article.

A good example of a direct nerf is the recent change for Wukong’s Command. Monkey King has lost a lot of its appeal since Skull Basher and Abyssal Blade no longer works with the statues. As a result, his ultimate is no longer as reliable and consistent at both dealing damage and providing utility. Sange and Yasha might be a good pick up right now, since the item was buffed considerably.

Another hero that received some very serious nerfs is Treant Protector. Nature’s Guise was changed to Root/Disarm combo instead of a full Bash. On top of that, he lost 10 base MS.

Losing 10 MS for Treant Protector means that some of the gaps between trees can no longer be crossed without breaking invisibility. It effectively closed off many pathways for the hero, making it impossible for him to roam certain parts of the map undetected without his boots. It also severely restricted his initiation range in the early game. That said, global healing support Treant is still a relatively strong hero and might be worth playing.

Is it the end for these heroes?

It’s not the end of the world. The game is constantly being updated so there’s a chance future buffs for nerfed heroes will come with performance updates.

How do I keep up with all these changes?

Watch and learn. If you’re struggling with a certain hero, we recommend you to watch gameplay videos. Whether you prefer watching live games or replays, look for high level MMR games and watch how the pros play these nerfed heroes.

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