How do I boost my dota 2 mmr?

This is a common question we see all over the internet. You either grind your way up or pay someone to do it for you. It sounds really simple because it is. However, boosting your own mmr involves a lot of practice and discipline.

First let’s talk about how to boost your mmr by playing yourself. There’s quite a few things you need to learn and understand but it all starts with the right mindset.

So let’s pretend you are trying to increase your Dota 2 Solo MMR.

  1. You need the right mindset. This isn’t some jedi mind trick bullshit we are talking about. Your main objective is to improve your skill level. Boosting your MMR naturally follows.
  2. Ignore the chat. Mute everyone who isn’t useful. Don’t waste time reading non-sense. You are playing with people at the same MMR level as you. They usually don’t know any better than you.
  3. Pick the right role or hero. If you see no support on the draft, it might as well be you. While your main objective is to improve your skills, you also want to win. A good or poor draft can make or break the game.
  4. Don’t waste time flaming. Flaming is an absolute waste of time, you can spend 1 minute telling your teammate how bad he is and why he should kill himself or you can spend that 1 minute farming, ganking, or pushing to get the win.
  5. You need wards. A team that doesn’t ward is almost guaranteed to lose. If your support isn’t buying wards, don’t wait – buy them yourself.
  6. Understand the mechanics. If you are not a core, don’t compete for last hits. The core players need more farm period. If you are playing support, don’t kill steal. Stats mean nothing if you lose the game.
  7. Prioritize the objective. To win the game you need to destroy the Ancient. If you have the opportunity go for it fast. Don’t waste time trying to kill heroes at the fountain.
  8. Don’t expect your team to be good. In fact, don’t expect them to know what they are doing. Most of the players in lower mmr brackets don’t know shit.
  9. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t blame anyone else. After you lose a game. Watch your reply and find your mistakes. You can only improve on things you admit is wrong.

Once you’ve mastered the winning mindset, you can start working on improving your game. We’ll talk about a gameplay guide to boosting mmr in another post.

If all of this sounds too much to do, there’s always a cookie cutter. Pay and get boosted by a high rank player. Do your own due diligence when buying a Dota 2 MMR boosting service. uBoostMe provides a safe and secure MMR boosting service.